Presence on social media.

The most effective ways to increase brand exposure. It will provide great opportunity in competing with OTA’s & gain more direct bookings. Empower your audience with engaging content, including local attractions and activities, visuals and trending topics. Most of the world uses social media sites, including Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Social media is a driver of brand awareness and customer relationships and retention. To be in the social conversation and derive traffic from social platforms, your web content must be interesting, build connections, and inspire conversion. There has been a move away from advertising and sponsored posts as people’s social media streams get more and more cluttered with content. Now the focus is much more on organic reach and sharing/useful content. An active Google+ page will help your search engine optimisation (SEO) presence on Google. This is because Google has the power to insert certain pages at the top of search results if someone in your Google+ circle has liked your Google+ page. Consequently, a more active page with engaging content will enable your property to reach higher rankings in Google’s search pages.