Simplicity requires Creativity. We implement award-winning WordPress themes, creating stylish, mobile-first websites. We start any web project by focusing on mobile, and adapt that layout to work on a desktop screen, rather than vice versa. Minimalist design with focus on typography and large visuals.

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The production and curation of stunning photos. They draw readers in. Photography is the Content Marketing darling. Content Curation is more of an art, performed by a photo editor more so than a geek. Visuals help to quickly communicate to your target market, and can create a magical, speedy sense of connection.

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Proven social media etiquette to help improve brand presence. Social media is a great tool for sharing interesting, relevant information. But it is not the place for a sales pitch. Think Conversations, Not Conversions. You can find prospects any place online where a relevant conversation is happening.

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After building the website we can help attracting customers that are already actively looking for the products or services that you have to offer. That’s the power and magic of Google Adwords! But there’s no denying that AdWords is getting too expensive for smaller, nationally-focused companies. It can still work if you go hyper-local, but that’s not a strategy for most brands.

Tip: Remarketing is Key


Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it's decoration. In my experience, this is what’s required to get quality content out the door: A longer, high-quality blog post (the type most likely to gain wide traction or appreciation): 7 to 20 hours. While it's a good idea to start with Adwords because it’s faster, we focus on content for long term and sustainable results.

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