For creative people, selling advertising, feels unnatural.

On my LinkedIn profile people recommend my social media marketing skills. Photography comes only on the 4th place, after marketing and advertising ! Telling visual stories is where I feel most at home. Let’s start with the #LiveTheLife story.

We are working on new editorial content for our LiveTheLife travel guide. For the 10th year edition we want to ask our current and new partners a few essential questions. Sometimes telling a story is done by asking the right questions. Anyway, this is how I got into writing, doing interviews is what I loved doing the most the past decade and I have made it a goal for 2016 to turn that passion into a full-time thing. Let’s start with this case study.

Before we do, I want to take you on a quick tour behind the #LTL scenes.

- Yves VdM

We curate destinations where we would love to Live The Life. This year we keep only the “crème de la crème” and we are even more demanding when we add new listings. If you are selected to be a part of the new LTL Collection it’s because we love your interior design, prime location and have read the excellent reviews on Tripadvisor.

In a perfect world we will (re)visit you in the next few years to do an in-depth interview on location, shoot fresh footage and potentially bring our video producer. (@aooatv) But we will start with a basic interview to (re)introduce the story and inspire our audience to experience your place themselves.

For our 10th year anniversary we tweaked our business model. A yearly fee of 120 euro (10€ per month) to feel us out and see how much extra exposure we can offer during the first year. Next year, a low, fixed 10% success fee.

Our most important end goal is to make your brand really stand out and tell a good visual story that can be shared on our social media accounts with a reach of 100.000 a week. 10 seems to be the magic number this year.

We posted a link to our LTL Q&A Click HERE.

LTL clients can fill out the contact form on our website which will be send to you directly. We also link to your official website and in some cases other OTA pages that offer reviews and online availability.

Preview a listing and the LTL homepage.
Update: We published the picture above on our Facebook page with 60.000+ fans and we reached 15.000 people in 24 hours without an optional boost post*. The picture got 663 likes and was shared 44 times. In our website analytics the Puri Dajuma became the most popular page this week. We also added some teasers to other popular social media accounts …

The last years we have slowed down on Google Adwords spending. So far we reached 87 million people with a budget of 50.000+ euro. For Puri Dajuma we spend a 750 euro budget and generated 7000 euro additional bookings. Back than our success fee was 15% so we made a net profit of 300 euro. As we dropped our fee to 10% we would no longer have a profitable campaign. For this case study I did not track time spend researching, building, managing, fine-tuning and updating the Google Ads. (100 euro per hour fee.)

Here are some stats. 56.696 impressions and 3.066 clicks with an average CTR of 5 percent but our best performing keywords had a CTR between five and twenty percent. A few keywords had a CTR between 50 and 100%.

Update: “without an optional boost post”* :
An optional boost post for Puri Dajuma ? Here are the results: Reach is now a wopping 266.346. Number of likes = 3.153 !!!