Pay Per Click.

Make sure you bid on your brand or hotel name, leverage social channels, and allocate your budget to tap into mobile conversion, which is higher than ever! Customize marketing messages to your specific target audience. Knowing whom we are targeting is one of the easiest links to success in paid search in the tourism industry. The easiest way to do competitor research is to use the ‘Ad Preview’ tool to determine who is showing up and directly competing for attention for that click. Some people prefer to talk to someone on the phone when making large purchases. This is why call tracking is essential. Cost-per-conversion and cost-per-booking goals help define success and create educated optimizations and changes. Tailoring ads and tracking phone calls are just some of the ways that help us hit these goals. If you do any marketing for a bnb, having a PPC campaign (also known as paid search, SEM, search engine marketing) ready to go at the drop of a dime is a must. Even if you don’t have it active all the time, the ability to market to segmented audiences whenever the need arises is a powerful tool.If you are just starting an SEO program for your website, odds are it will take some time to start seeing traction with the search engines. But with PPC, even the smallest bnb’s are on the same playing field as the largest hotels. And if they develop a high quality PPC campaign, they may even be able to pay less for a click in a better position than the bigger chains.