Open Letter

After 10 years as digital nomads we are taking the time to sit down in France and interview our top 500 hand-picked accommodations. Places to LTL. If you are selected to be a part of this exclusive LTL Travel Collection, it’s because we felt connected through the interior design, the architecture, the excellent reviews and above all the prime location. The type of place we recommend to friends, family and (78K) fans.

For the 10th year edition we want to ask you a few essential questions. Telling a story and asking the right questions is key. This is how I got into writing, doing interviews is what I loved doing the most the past decade. Can we get this interview (kick)started ? Let’s talk ! Let us produce premium lifestyle travel content together and put your place in the spotlights. All it takes is a few minutes for the LTL Interview

We are working on new editorial content for our LiveTheLife Guide. We want to talk. Feature your story. Inspire our audience to experience your place…

— Yves VdM

Soft Launch.

The new LTL website is LIVE !!! Have a preview at our Travel Collection and your place here . After 10 successful years, we’ve build up an extensive social network. Average reach of 100.000 a week. Recorded close to 300.000 last week. An audience waiting to hear about you.

You are in good company! Ready to LTL? Start the LTL Interview

— Yves VdM

New Concept.

With a renewed website comes a new concept. A monthly listing fee of 10€ per month (€120/PY). Your direct contact details are featured. We ask a 10% success fee if clients choose to use the LTL contact form. After the first LTL booking you will get a €120 discount. Paying the listing fee upfront is a crowdfunding concept. A win-win that gives oxygen to our marketing budget. If you prefer not to pay a listing fee (and get a discount on the first booking) that’s fine. Our mission is to publish a premium lifestyle travel guide and we want you to be a part of it.

What problem do we solve ?

850.000 properties? On a mobile screen that's a liability! Curation matters. The LTL TOP 500

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Yves Van den Meerssche is the Founder of LiveTheLife.TV. As a Lifestyle Marketing Manager at LTL, he advises property owners and real estate agents in all aspects of their Creative Marketing Strategies. Email him at