I break down the future of curation down to precision and proactivity. How can we bring customers the best possible choice and say this is the one you should book? That’s incredibly hard to do because context changes. Web era was about searching and the mobile era is about that query being replaced by a notification sent directly to you.

Curation is the wave of the future

On an online booking site, you have 850.000 properties, but on a mobile screen that choice becomes a liability. That’s why curation matters. People want expert input, and in the future our app will not only tell you what hotel is best for you on that specific occasion, but will plan a trip for you before you even ask, based on your profile.

LTL is more of an intermediary for those looking to share their experience than a commoditizing entity looking for bookings. I don’t think we’re evolving into an online travel agency, we simply provide links to hotels and booking services; we don’t do the bookings ourselves.

The lodging industry may be undergoing some of the most dramatic changes since boutique hotels came along in the early 1980’s. At the same time, demand for travel-agency services seems to be growing across the board. It seems to me that many more millennials are turning to the travel agent trade as their profession. And why wouldn’t they? As a travel agent you get to do something that almost everyone likes (travel), you get to visit some of the most exotic destinations in the world. Your job is to make people happy. I can’t think of very many jobs that could be more appealing. travelmarketreport.com