LTL's competitive advantage over its peers lies in its “curation model”. LTL lists a selective number of accommodations for each lifestyle location. Trusted, individually selected properties. Best available rates guaranteed.
Experienced support team and "Live like a local" personalised recommendations.

The solution

We at LTL would like to share with you our world view. While each person has their own, we all have one thing in common, and that is limited time. We would like to offer our assistance in finding you a little piece of heaven on earth, where you can taste life and live it to the fullest.

We have put in the work and travel to find rentals and real estate at some of the very best surf locations in the world. All in walking distance from the break. We have researched the weather patterns, the cost of living and the surrounding areas. Giving you an informative picture of the many locations and cultures that you will encounter on the life of your choice that we are here to help you discover and explore.

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LTL is increasingly focused on end-to-end customer experience. Acting in part as concierge, advisor and confidant. More emphasis is being placed on building long-term relationships. Social media has magnified the difference between an agent and trusted advisor. The most important data will be collected through human interaction. In-depth conversations and post-trip debriefs will give us an advantage that online booking sites can’t replicate. New technology can be a factor key for travel agents, as long as the human element is put first. Our customers want deeper experiences (inspiration, personalisation, self-discovery). LTL positions itself as lifestyle connoisseurs.

We’re here to inspire so you can go and explore. Guiding you to the coolest places to Live The Life. Enjoy the new LTL Collection.

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